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Zuker Property group has rebranded as VZ Properties. We are now acquiring using this name. We will continue trading as Zuker Property which is an established company. 

VZ Properties is a real estate investment company established in the United Kingdom with real estate industry license launched by the National Association of Estate Agents(NAEA).

The company headquatered in Holborn, London’s bustling commercial centre with branch in Birmingham and Manchester. 

We have close affiliations with companies in Mainland China and Singapore. We manage 800 apartments across the UK and we are advancing new build apartment schemes in Manchester and the West Midlands.

We specialise in residential lettings, sales, investment, development, and property management. We have grown our portfolio of managed properties substantially in the past few years. We are renowned for our knowledges, experiences, reputations, and diligences. We can provide you with the service that will exceed your expectations.

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Wonderful education: Large number of international students adds presuure on the shortage of property buying and renting in London.


Demand exceeds supply: Strict process in residential construction and demand for new house is outpacing the supply.


Sound legal system: The UK laws and regulations are sound,fair and transparent which can protect property owners’ rights and avoid the risk during the investment period.


Exchange rate: In view of the Influence of a Weakening of Eurozone, an increasing number of international buyers are optimistic about London’s prime locations as a safe haven for investment.


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